Support must extend to unborn

Abortion is a lightning rod. Each side has its view of what is right. We have heard these arguments before: the rights of the unborn vs. the rights of the woman. To Catholics, the choice should not be hard. The church has always supported the value of life. There is no other choice.

It is not a complicated issue, despite what the pro-abortion side maintains. As Catholics, we have both the moral as well as the scientific argument in our favor. It is a human being. As clear as this is, there are those Catholic politicians who, for political purposes, wish to cloud the issue. What about war, hunger, homelessness? What is the relationship between these issues, which are most complex, with a simple issue like life and death?

If you are a Catholic and can support partial-birth abortion because to do otherwise will cost you votes in the primary and general elections, then how can you be believed? Where are your values, and what is your moral compass? If you are so sincere about human life, then why can’t you support the unborn too? Are not they as much in need of support as those others who you wish to help?

To the many issues to consider, I could add personal responsibility, adherence to Catholic theology, and embracing the teachings of Christ. It is fine that you oppose war, hunger, etc. Who doesn’t? Just take the next logical step and oppose abortion in any form.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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