Stop the Obama cheerleading

The Catholic Review is becoming much less a news review and much more of a weekly political cheerleading post.

I say this after reading too many articles on repeal of the death penalty and blind support for the new president. The near past and present articles on the death penalty are biased and represent either shoddy work, or deliberate misrepresentation, or both.

The articles supporting the new president celebrate race over intelligent political debate and swoon over the suspension of political/social matters of inquiry for some nefarious and magical hope based on empty rhetoric.

Even in the editorial (Jan. 22) you print a perfect presentation of relativism with the sentence … “One can vehemently oppose President Obama on that most serious of issues (abortion) and simultaneously support him on other matters.” That is ridiculous! We should ignore the evil in one’s face for some “greater good” gobbledygook?

Catholic Review

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