Statement from Archbishop William E. Lori on Violence in Atlanta and Acts of Racism

For Immediate Release
Monday, March 29, 2021

The Archdiocese of Baltimore believes it to be of the utmost importance to publicly address the recent violent act of hatred and racism that culminated in the tragic deaths of eight women in Atlanta on March 16. We know that, of the eight women, six were of Asian descent and, in the wake of their deaths, voices across the nation have cried out against hatred and racism.

Whether blatantly acted out in violence or more quietly through long-sustained prejudices, racism and hatred must be exposed and condemned. The journey to racial justice includes the eradication of racism and prejudices of every kind.

The recent tragic events in Atlanta cast a brighter, more revealing light on the discrimination that exists against people of Asian descent, individuals and communities alike. All racism is wrong. All hatred is wrong. All prejudice is wrong. All discrimination is wrong.

We pray for the victims of the mass shooting in Atlanta and of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, for all victims of violence, of racism, and of hatred. We pray also for the day when our efforts of positive change are realized and true social justice is achieved.


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