St. Margaret of Antioch

St. Margaret of Antioch’s father was a pagan priest who disowned St. Margaret when she was converted to Christianity by her nurse. After being adopted by her nurse, the saint consecrated her virginity to God. A Roman prefect wanted to make St. Margaret his wife or mistress. When she refused, he brought her to trial. St. Margaret would not believe in the gods of the state, so she was sentenced to death. She died for her faith when she was beheaded, perhaps circa 303. She is said to have appeared to St. Joan of Arc and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. It is said that St. Margaret was swallowed by the devil in the form of a dragon, but she was able to escape because her cross hurt the dragon. It is because of this that St. Margaret is patron saint of pregnant women and is patron saint against sterility.

Catholic Review

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