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I read with interest the article (CR, Sept. 11) on the new Internet TV site, and clicked on the site with equal interest. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it to be more of the ‘same old, same old.’

Where I had hoped to find compassionate and thoughtful commentary I only found vitriolic, smug, disrespectful, anti-intellectual, and condescending commentary-characteristics I don’t associate with Catholicism and certainly not with Christianity. Where I had hoped to find stories of present day Catholics who put their faith in action or stories about the future of the church, instead I found the same old traditional devotion to saints long dead and dusty pages torn out of the ancient history book of Catholicism.

While communion with the saints is important, there are many modern day saints whose lives have real application to today’s world. And while I don’t espouse ‘revisionist history,’I do believe history should be presented, the narrator referred to ‘the evil Turks.’ This does nothing to promote peace in these difficult times.

All in all, I was greatly disappointed in this site and frustrated by their self-appointed name ‘real Catholic.’ They do not represent me or any Catholics I know. While realcatholictv is not endorsed by the church, unfortunately this venue and others like it make many Catholics want to distance themselves from the church at a time when we should be pulling together.

For inspiring stories of Catholics and other Christians who really “walk the talk” I would suggest your readers visit:

The writer is producer of Provoke Radio, Baltimore.

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