Same-sex marriage an affront

Regarding “Archbishop on marriage: ‘Maryland Is not N.Y.’ ” (CR, Aug. 11), I am so saddened and feel so terribly sorry for Gov. Martin O’Malley. Even if he is not in agreement with his church on the fundamental truth supported by 2,000-plus years of Western civilization thought and practice, where is his common sense?

We all can agree that same-sex couples be granted every legal right which hetero couples enjoy. That is a state responsibility. But to equate this desire for equality with the long-established concept of marriage in Western society is an affront to most Catholics and to many of other faiths. I am associated with many wonderful persons of faith, Catholic and otherwise, and know of none who believe that same-sex marriage is the same as hetero marriage. Everyone does agree upon legal equality and the right of same-sex couples to enjoy legal rights.

There are reasonable alternatives to this issue. Where is O’Malley on these? Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien is correct. This is not in the best interest of our society.

Catholic Review

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