Research needed in global warming scenario

Tony Magliano did an admirable job of parroting the political far-left in his piece on global warming (CR, Nov. 15). In support of his claim that “there’s not much time left to save the planet,” he points to his personal experiences with warm weather; Al Gore; the Motion Picture Academy; the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Common sense alone is enough to dismiss the first four “sources” as unqualified in matters of science, while climate models touted by the IPCC – an invitation-only panel of hand picked members – are routinely dismissed as unscientific by well respected climatologists for lack of conformity to the scientific method. Is it any wonder many remain “die-hard skeptics,” as Mr. Magliano labels those who aren’t as hysterical as he?

The article would be amusing save for the fact that it appears in a Catholic newspaper. The truth is, the Vatican has no official position on whether or not human activity is to be blamed for global warming, and Cardinal Martino’s musings on the topic are not official.

Before buying into global warming doomsday scenarios, a little research and the use of the God-given gift of reason would do everyone well; the contributors and editors of The Catholic Review chief among them.

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