Quick and Easy DIY Easter Gift: Here comes Paper Cottontail…

I have a problem. I see a roll of paper towels and I want to make it into something.
And I also happen to believe that though there are many items people get tired of receiving, no one objects to an extra roll of paper towels—especially not once you make it cute.
If you’ve been following along for a while, you may recall the paper towel snowmen we made two Christmases ago
Well, this week we’re making bunnies.

I know, I know. It’s too much.
But they are so easy.
All you need? A roll of paper towels, a kitchen towel (we picked white, but I think pink or blue or even brown would be cute), a few markers, and a cotton ball for the tail. You could draw the tail on, or skip it entirely. But a tail is fun.

This is so simple that I’m not even sure it counts as a craft. All you do is roll the cloth towel lengthwise, fold it in half, and shove the middle into the cardboard roll in the center of the paper towel roll. Then you draw a face. Legs and arms might be optional.

Our kindergartener and I have differing views on the ears. I like them tucked up and he likes them floppy. You’re the artist, and it’s your canvas. Go for it.
I let our little guy make his teacher’s bunny exactly the way he wanted to.

He did such a beautiful job.

When he came home after school, I asked him what his teacher said when he gave it to her.
“She said, ‘Thank you.’”
See? The perfect gift, and the perfect response.
So if you’re coming to Easter dinner at our house, don’t worry about the fact that my sons think I should serve scrambled eggs and ribs for dinner. Keep your eye on the prize: your very own paper towel roll bunny.
Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way.

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