Put the president’s words in context


An article (CR, Jan. 24) about President Obama’s inauguration day cited a prayer service, the use of historic Bibles and an inaugural address “dotted with references to God-given societal rights and obligations.” The president was quoted calling for the “defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideals.”

One might think the U.S. bishops wrote the president’s address. Nowhere did the article put the address in context for its Catholic readers: President Obama’s concern for the vulnerable among us does not extend to the unborn victims of “choice.” Apparently “societal rights and obligations” do not extend to the support of traditional marriage to provide children with a home with both a mother and father. And “ancient values and enduring ideals” do not include freedom of religion and conscience for employers who find the health care mandate unconscionable.

Why did the bishops sponsor the Fortnight of Freedom? Why are Catholic and Christian institutions and employers suing the federal government over the (HHS) mandate? And why does the Catholic Review not put the president’s words in context with his immoral policies?

Martha Taylor


Jan. 31, 2013 CatholicReview.org 

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