Procedures for Volunteers


All volunteers, ages 14 and over, must complete the Archdiocese of Baltimore Application for Volunteer Service, review a copy of A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth, and review the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Particular Covered Entities may have additional requirements for volunteers to complete before they are able to begin serving.

If a volunteer will have Substantial Contact with children, then the following must be completed before he/she begins to serve in the Archdiocese of Baltimore:

  1. Application for Volunteer Service completed
  2. Names of references provided and checked
  3. Volunteer Select Criminal History Screening completed
  4. Training received regarding child abuse and protection of children, including STAND video

The Responsible Administrator and Screening Coordinator will confirm that these procedures have been completed by all volunteers.  If an application fails or refuses to complete any part of the screening procedures, then he/she cannot serve as a volunteer.  The Responsible Administrator informs the individual that he/she cannot begin or continue his/her volunteer service until he/she has complied with all procedures.