Training Volunteers

The American Catholic Correctional Chaplains Association (ACCCA) has an accreditation program to train in-prison ministers.

As a prison volunteer there are many ways you can help. Here are just a few:

  • Be a part of an intercessory parish prayer group
  • Train to be a prison Eucharistic minister
  • Lead a Bible study
  • Mentor
  • Speak on topics of interest to you and the inmates
  • Become a pen and prayer partner
  • Participate in retreats
  • Advocate for victims’ rights
  • Assist in transition from inmate to returning citizen
  • Collect personal items such as hygiene and toiletry items and clothing
  • Donate religious magazines
  • Donate Christmas, Easter, and yearly celebration greeting cards
  • Help the Office of Prison Ministry continue its efforts by donating financial support
  • Support family members in crisis