Pray for politicians to use power wisely

It is not surprising that the local and national media has been touting the arrival of Nancy Pelosi to her powerful position as majority speaker in the House of Representatives. However, it is confusing to witness the praise and honor which has been enthusiastically lavished upon the new speaker of the house by her former neighbors in Little Italy, and other local Catholics, priests and nuns when considering her terrible voting record. It was ironic to hear about the pride in “Little Nancy” when our Catholic bishops have strongly cautioned catholic politicians against leading the cause for abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Since Speaker Pelosi’s efforts and voting record on these issues show that she has been on the forefront in furthering these causes, her personal religious fervor, as excessively broadcast in the media, seems contradictory.

Although it was heartwarming to witness Speaker Pelosi’s display of love and sensitivity for all the children who were in the house chambers to celebrate her recent installation, it was heart wrenching to know that she and many other “catholic” political representatives have proudly and diligently supported the right to legally destroy millions of innocent children through abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Social justice issues for innocent living children become meaningless when they are not allowed to be born.

We need to pray for the conversion of our catholic political representatives so that they will use their power more wisely and foster the cause of justice, peace and the rights of all the born and unborn.

Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.