Pluck the Peacock? ‘History’ Is On Our Side

There aren’t too many network or cable stations left that Christians can watch if we boycott outlets that produce content that flies in the face of or mocks our beliefs.

Come to think of it, that might be a good thing. Picking up a book, playing with my kids or even reorganizing my sock drawer are all more appealing options than watching TV.

OK, the lone exception for me may be sports. You don’t see Jesus or Christians being mocked or slighted too often during a college basketball or football game.

But primetime television, as it is known, has become a bastion for expressing secular views in lieu of biblical ones. That fact, in and of itself, would be troublesome enough, but the TV media doesn’t stop there. It’s not good enough anymore to just espouse secular views; slamming or mocking Christians – or more specifically, Jesus – is necessary.

One of the most recent examples is from NBC, the venerable Peacock network. Just three days into Lent, NBC decided it was good taste on Saturday Night Live to mock Christ in a “violent and bloody Quentin Tarantino parody” that included a character playing Jesus slicing a man’s head in half.

I admittedly didn’t see this sad display and I’m glad. I stopped watching late-night television long ago – when I said goodbye to SNL and David Letterman for good. Visit here to see the full story on NBC’s distasteful anti-Christian display.

All of this said, there is hope. This Sunday, you can make a choice to tar and feather the prejudiced Peacock network and flip over to History Channel to begin a five-week adventure watching a television mini-series called, “The Bible”.  This 10-hour odyssey from Emmy-Award winning husband and wife team, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, is promising to bring the Bible to life in a way never before seen. The final episode of the series will air on Easter and will feature the death and resurrection of Jesus. To help ensure the accuracy of the miniseries, many Christian scholars served as advisors and hundreds of Christian leaders have given their endorsement. You can click here to learn more about this series and watch a trailer.

We know Lent is about making choices and sacrifice. As Catholics, we give up those things that prevent us from moving closer to God. Make NBC one of those things this Lent and start by replacing it by watching television shows and networks that embrace the Christian message, rather than blasting it.

Peace to all!


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