Part of the problem

The Catholic Review has addressed the issue of insensate inner city violence (CR/May 29). Would any concerned not accept that there subsists in the city the fundamental problem of the breakdown of families? And in accepting this tragic reality, is it not reasonable to first address, with enduring rapidity, Planned Parenthood, which has been unrelenting in attacking families of color since the 1940s?

Armed with a war chest over the last two decades of over $4 billion from the federal government alone, Planned Parenthood uses these funds, which we all provide, to entice young children to engage in sex. Routinely, there is a single mother pregnancy culminating in either an abortion or a delivery. Planned Parenthood sports to the sons and daughters of Baltimore a large collage in its storefront window of photographs of young people, some together, some with child, some not. The banner across proclaims, “EVERY CHILD A WANTED CHILD.” Lions don’t make pacts with men and women, or children.

Single parent families suffer in greater numbers every social pathology, including poverty and crime. A recent survey of male prisoners showed 90 percent either didn’t know or hated their fathers. We know a boy needs a good father. The first step toward reducing crime is to stop funding Planned Parenthood and spend that money on rebuilding families, thereby making some requital of the often unfamiliar, perhaps because it is an unspeakable violence done to black families.

Catholic Review

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