Only Gospel can change hearts

Tony Magliano (CR, Dec. 12) writes of the failure of Catholics to impact society in the areas of abortion, poverty and war. He observes that Vatican II’s document “Gaudium et Spes” and the call, in his words, “to embrace the Gospel of love, justice and peace”, has not moved people or governments in 45 years.

I agree with Magliano’s assessment but in his own words lie the problem. If Catholics preach the Gospel of love, peace and justice we are no different than any humanitarian group or new age movement. Only the Gospel of Christ crucified has the power to change hearts.

Then what? Do we throw ourselves into social action? No. We waste ourselves on Jesus in prayer, worship and study, getting to know him and become like our Father. We break our costly alabaster jar of our lives over Jesus feet giving our all to him first in prayer and then a surrendered life. Then we listen and the Holy Spirit raises up a Mother Theresa, a Francis Xavier, a John Vianney and people to follow them, and then society is greatly impacted.

The most recent popes speak of a new Evangelization. Where the Gospel of power is preached, there will be change.

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