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Question:  I have leased office equipment and on the invoice there is a charge for Property Tax (or PPT), do I have to pay this even though we are tax exempt?

  • Answer:  Yes.  The owner of the equipment (Lessor) is required by law to pay business personal property taxes on an annual basis to the taxing authorities in the jurisdiction where the leased equipment is located. Under the terms of the lease agreement, you (the lessee) agreed to reimburse the Lessor for any such taxes paid on the leased equipment.

Question:  What do I need to do to get a duplicate title from MVA for a vehicle owned by the parish/school?

  • Answer:  A Duplicate Title must be requested in person at a full service branch MVA.  If a parish, Pastor must present a letter of appointment as the pastor of your location and a valid drivers license which includes date of birth.  A duplicate title costs $20.  Be sure to have a copy of the registration.  Contact MVA if you should have any further questions.