Oblate Sisters express gratitude to archdiocesan schools

Referring to “Wanted: 93,000 Bricks” (CR, Oct. 22, 2009) by Sister Mary Alice Chineworth, O.S.P., Dr. Ronald Valenti , archdiocesan schools chief, reminded students of the service and ministry of the Oblate Sisters of Providence for more than 180 years to the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The article described the Oblates’ need for a building in which to provide health care for sick and aging sisters. Caught in the national economic meltdown, the building had ground to a halt due to lack of resources.Catholic school presidents, principals, staffs and students throughout the archdiocese stepped up to the plate. The sisters received more than $13,000, or500 bricks, to lessen the need. The task remains daunting, to provide a facility to care for those who have given their all as catechists, educators, counselors-consecrated witnesses to the gospel, but hope is higher because of the generosity and compassion exhibited by Catholic school students and personnel of the archdiocese.

We will hold a chicken dinner for the building fund Feb. 27, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the St. Frances Academy Community Center on E. Chase Street. Come, socialize, renew friendships and get a great meal.

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