Obama disqualified for honors at Catholic institution

I was pleased by parts of Patrick Weadon’s letter (CR, April 2), yet I came to a different conclusion than he. I was glad to see a couple statements in his letter: one emphasizing opposition to capital punishment, and another that “Obama’s refusal to protect the unborn is morally wrong.” Also further, that President Obama “may” be wrong on the issue of abortion (I presume that Patrick here means to infer that Mr. Obama definitely is wrong on the issue, as he stated below).

I think the comparison is misapplied between President Bush being governor of Texas at the time 152 executions were carried out and to the abortion record, over 1 million annually in the U.S. alone. Perhaps a good witness would be if every governor of every state in which capital punishment is law resigned for reason of conscience – unless a governor is actively attempting to change that particular state’s laws to eliminate the death penalty.

I know President Bush’s position on abortion. I know President Obama’s position on abortion. At present, President Obama’s actions – by executive orders and by stated support for actions against right to conscience, his support for the Freedom of Choice Act and actions that through the U.N. would increase abortions around the globe – disqualify him from being honored at a Catholic institution, in my opinion.

Catholic Review

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