Not wild about Harry

I disagree with Ken McVery’s opinion (CR, Nov 18) that promoting a game of Quidditch for the students at Mount St. Mary’s University is a great way to “speak to them.” I am shocked that a Catholic university would even consider, let alone promote, a recreational activity for students based on the Harry Potter series.

I question the context under which the Vatican newspaper said that the movie (Half Blood Prince) makes a “clear distinction between good and evil.” The protagonist (Harry) gets his power from witchcraft. There can never be “good witchcraft” or a “good wizard”, or “good dark powers.” This is an oxymoron that misinforms the young Christian reader. Therefore, how can Harry be “less evil” than his arch-enemy, the demonic Lord Voldemort? In essence, he cannot.

At this point, the reader must be mature enough in both his mental and spiritual development to decipher these messages. Even with that maturity, we as Catholics should use prudence when choosing our entertainment. A good gauge is this question: “Is what I’m doing feeding my spiritual relationship with Christ?” Perhaps some of us will resist the temptation to fall short of this goal by choosing not to watch the next installment of the Harry Potter series.

Catholic Review

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