No instructions needed on how to exercise vote

I am a Catholic who proudly voted for Barack Obama and the slots referendum, which will allow the Preakness to stay at Pimlico. The slots referendum passed in Allegany County, in spite of a letter in my church bulletin suggesting parishioners vote against it. I don’t need instructions from the church or the pulpit on how to exercise my right to vote.

President-elect Obama has been under fire for his pro-abortion stance. I’m not nuts about abortion myself; nor am I nuts about borrowing from China to pay for a war that our beloved Pope John Paul II called “illegal, immoral, and unjust.” That war has led to the current economic crisis. For starters, look at what the 10-year occupation of Afghanistan did to the Soviet Union.

I hope and pray that President-elect Obama changes his stance on abortion. But killing is wrong, whether it’s innocent Iraqi children or unborn babies. You can’t be pro-life and pro-war at the same time.

Catholic Review

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