No freedom to choose

I was surprised to learn that Maryland Senators Cardin and Mikulski are co-sponsors of the The Freedom of Choice Act. It sounds good, because every American is proud of our freedom to choose what is right and avoid what is wrong. This bill, however, is not a freedom to choose, but a death warrant to what science has determined to be a human being at conception. The bill will require that we pay for the death of a human being who cannot speak for themselves.

What saddened me most was that the act will negate state laws that require the attending doctor or medical provider to notify parents of minor children who are in a crisis pregnancy situation and are considering an abortion as the only solution. When does the constitution of the United States or some law take away the rights of parents over their children?

I also learned that FOCA will resume late-term abortions, and aborted babies who survive an abortion will not be given medical attention and allowed to die.

Please contact the FOCA sponsors to not support this terrible legislation, because the next law may be directed to each of us as we get older or persons who are challenged with physical or mental disabilities and are not productive, unwanted or a burden.

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