New ‘King’s Men’ chapter forming

A new group is forming in the Maryland-Washington-Northern Virginia area to help men live their Catholic faith and reclaim what organizers call an “authentic sense of masculinity.”

Planners of the new branch of “The King’s Men” apostolate will hold an initial meeting Dec. 11 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. The event will begin with noon Mass, followed by a 1:15 p.m. meeting. It is open to men interested in establishing a King’s Men ministry or others like it in the area.

Matthew Moucha, a parishioner of St. Mary in Annapolis and one of the group organizers, said the ministry developed several years ago in Philadelphia when Catholic men took a stand against pornography. They offered support to one another, he said, as they strived to live chaste lives within their vocations and support their families.

Moucha said the wider culture has painted a negative image of manhood that needs to be countered.

“A lot of the commercials you see on TV are all about man-bashing,” Moucha said. “We’re not knuckle-dragging guys who do the stereotypical macho things – and we’re not dumb, for that matter.”

King’s Men emphasizes leadership in the community, doing what’s right, providing for the family/community and serving as protectors. It also helps men heal from emotionally detached fathers, Moucha said. The group is focused on education, formation, action and healing.

King’s Men offers men’s retreats called “Into the Wild” that provide experiences organizers believe support a man’s vocation to be a “leader, protector and provider.” Outdoor Masses, opportunities for confession, fishing, rifling, archery and outdoor cooking are among the activities planned.

“We really get down to the basics,” Moucha said.

Moucha expects that a new regional chapter would organize protests and prayer vigils at area pornography shops and abortion clinics. There will also be a strong focus on encouraging men to become more active in their parishes, he said.

For more information, call 410-684-2406.

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