Need more objects to war against the unborn

The author of the letter “More peaceful demonstrations are needed to confront evil” (CR April 24) presented her case for more demonstrations against the war against terrorism, citing thousands killed and wounded and the high financial cost.

There is another war right here in the US – the war on the preborn – against which there should be many more demonstrations. Almost 50 million of God’s children have been butchered. Tens of millions of mothers have been lied to and pressured to have abortions, and they have been wounded physically and psychologically.

Millions of families have been shattered, resulting in skyrocketing social pathologies: poverty, crime, abuse, low academic achievement, STDs, teen pregnancies, abortions and more broken families. The financial cost is staggering, but the moral cost is the undermining of every aspect of our culture.

If the culture of death continues unabated, our society will perish, our freedoms (religion, speech, assembly) will be lost and there won’t be any demonstrations of any kind.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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