Mrs. Taylar Powis

(Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School)

Sharing Her Love of Music

Mrs. Taylar Powis, the music teacher at Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School in Dundalk, brings her love of music to the classroom. A former student of Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School, Mrs. Powis joined the faculty three years ago.  Using innovative techniques with scarves, stuffed animals, bucket drums, ukuleles, and bells at various grade levels, Mrs. Powis brings her energy and positive attitude to all grade levels. 

After the annual Christmas concert featuring bucket drums and bells, Mrs. Powis tweeted “These students worked so hard and did a great job. They make it easy for me. I love my job!”  She is actively involved as co-moderator of the Broadcast Club and musical theater group. Mrs. Powis can be found in the community serving as a cantor at different events.