Modest, fashionable dress for Catholic school kids

In Catholic Schools, uniforms are the trend, but on out-of-uniform days, students need to consider what fashionable items they can wear without disobeying the modesty rule. Dena Lorenzi, a parishioner of the Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier, Hunt Valley, created her own blog called Faith in Fashion ( to express her personal style point of view. Readers use her blog’s retailers’ listing as a starting point for their online shopping experience, she said.
“I was getting really frustrated (losing my faith in fashion) at what was available in the marketplace,” said Ms. Lorenzi, who has had 3,000 visits to her blog to date. “Often, there is such a disconnect between fashion producers and consumers like me. I wanted to organize my ideas and information into an uncluttered, useful space for myself and others.”
Ms. Lorenzi has two daughters and knows what it’s like to struggle finding trendy, modest and affordable clothing for her growing girls. She said while her daughters don’t have super trendy tastes it takes “time and patience to find appropriate attire.” She said she would rather have fewer basic, high-quality pieces versus lots of inexpensive clothing that falls apart quickly.
“Modesty is an attitude of propriety and decency in dress and behavior,” said Ms. Lorenzi. “Define your personal style; then dress appropriately for where you are going and with whom you will be with. If in doubt, ask about the appropriate dress standards.”
According to Ms. Lorenzi, who is very excited about the new fall fashions, this season youth will be seen in neo-traditional looks, high-waisted pants, plaids, tailored silhouettes, militaristic-inspired pieces and long tees. Dress codes normally vary by school but most try to “address the exposure of the ‘six B’s’: breasts, butts, backs, bellies, bras and briefs,” said Ms. Lorenzi. Some schools have rules about lengths of skirts, bans on hats and no clothing that expresses vulgarity, obscenity, and lewdness or promotes bad behavior.
“I think modesty should be lived not preached. I hope I can instill in my daughters a sense of style (that comes from knowing oneself) and grace,” said Ms. Lorenzi. “Dressing modestly demonstrates that you have respect for yourself and others.”
Ms. Lorenzi, who is a self proclaimed late fashion bloomer, said she is more focused now on style than fashion and has a good sense of self-awareness.
“Knowing how to dress and act appropriately gives you an edge- personally and professionally,” said Ms. Lorenzi. “We are never more beautiful or powerful than when we are ourselves.”

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