Magliano has the right idea about being completely pro-life

I’m not sure how Tony Magliano (CR, Oct. 29) knows that “… many Catholics concern themselves only with one life issue while largely ignoring the rest. They claim their cause trumps all the rest.”

I’m sure we all can agree that the abortion issue is foundational in that one can’t help the cause of the hungry, thirsty, naked and imprisoned if their lives are intentionally ended in the womb.

How many Catholic Christians has he personally interviewed to come up with this critical assessment? It seems to be a rather generalized unsupportable claim that can only disparage fellow Catholics of good will who may be simply following the path of charitable work laid out for them by the Holy Spirit.

No one person can be active in every ministry just to prove that he/she supports that mission. To assume otherwise as Mr. Magliano seems to sounds to me like self-righteous scolding. Assume the best until proven otherwise and may we all be completely pro-life.

Catholic Review

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