Leviticus offers insight on new president

Gloria Adams (CR, Jan. 22) calls upon us all to work together for progress in support of our new president. Celebrate if you will that our new president marks a transition from an age when society treated black men as slaves to an age when society elects a black man to the oval office, but don’t forget that it profits a man nothing if he conquers the world but loses his soul.

I wish no ill to our new president, so I will pray that he changes his mind in regard to efforts that would support the continued slaughter of the unborn; enlarge our already morbidly obese government; weaken our ability to defend ourselves against those that would destroy us; bail out the irresponsible from their sinking ships; take away freedoms under the guise of inflated fears over questionable global warming and solidify the political power of those with a utopian dream that enslaves people to a dependency on a socialistic state.

I offer Leviticus 19:15 as a biblical perspective on those that would show favoritism to the great and partiality to the poor.

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