Letters touch nerve in reader

Two letters caught my eye (CR, Feb. 10). Thomas J. Smith requests more “low” masses in order to “hear and respond to the words of preparation and consecration of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ,” and not be listening to a musical performance.

I attended a local parish that had media screens on either side of the altar. During the preparation and consecration, the person working the video camera had it focused on the musicians instead of the altar. Now Scripture tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. But truly it is just noise and not at all joyful if it eclipses our Lord during Mass.

The second letter, by Ellen Draper, was titled “Religious ed doesn’t stop at Catholic classrooms.” As a convert of many years, I thank God for the gift of my Catholic faith, but I have long found it inconceivable that Catholic children not in a parish school are charged for religious education. Where should our focus for evangelization begin if not in our own homes and parishes?

There is something seriously out of kilter if spreading the gospel to our children is not provided for in the church budget.

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