Keep focus on FOCA

The letter “Don’t be fooled by venomous writers” (CR, Nov. 27) attacked four of the five letters published in the Nov. 20 issue, which expressed anger and concern over legalized abortion. Three of those four letters addressed the Freedom of Choice Act. The letter falsely claimed one of the letter writers was praying for the president elect’s personal failure, when she actually called for prayer so that pro-abortion initiatives would fail. Does the venom letter expect Catholics to pray for the success of “initiatives” such as FOCA? The partisan attack in the last paragraph of the letter, claiming “nothing is done” on pro-life, ignored the strong stand on embryonic stem cell experiments and Supreme Court appointments.

I do not consider the balance of the letter to be factual on the war on terror. Based on a news report from the recent attack in Mumbai, I do have a question for those who agree with the letter: Were the armed guards who did not shoot back at the attackers treating “all life as sacred”?

Catholic Review

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