June deemed Abortion and All Acts of Violence Awareness Month

NEW YORK – The National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life has declared the month of June to be Abortion and All Acts of Violence Awareness Month.

It is the 14th annual declaration by the New York-based organization.

“Those gunned down or aborted could possibly be the ones who could have changed history, built a blueprint for peace, invented life-changing inventions, cured illnesses and improved the quality of life by leading families and ultimately nations,” said Therese Wilson Favors in a May essay promoting the awareness month.

She is the director of the Office of African American Ministries in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

“We’ve got to tighten up as a family and get involved with the lives of our own people,” she said. “Mind someone else’s business with a Jesus’ love and a Jesus’ level of compassion,” she added.

Favors suggested that black Catholics increase their efforts by, among other things, “calling forth a council of elders” within their communities to help shape outreach and mentoring efforts; gathering youths to discuss ways to build self-esteem and fight gang involvement; and organizing family strategies during family reunions and summer outings. “This may result in establishing a family emergency fund treasury, scholarships, special prayer and counseling circle,” Favors said. “We can do it!”

More details about the observance are available at www.blackcatholicsforlife.org.

Catholic Review

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