June: active time of challenge and change

For the past 13 years the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life has designated June as a time for black Catholics to actively raise consciousness regarding abortion and acts of violence within our community. We all know stories such as this one that cuts into our hearts, making it throb with pain and warranting prayer. …

Baby girl was just skipping across the street. Her right hand was clasped inside the left hand of her older girl cousin. Then, the unexpected happen. Shots rang out and another innocent young daughter of Eve fell to the ground. Baby girl was struck down and now laid in her own blood. How did that bullet find her?

Kyrie eleison

One minute, baby girl was full of life and laughter, the next minute she was fighting for her life. Why has such strife and destruction arisen among some in such a way that the innocent become victims for just being in their own neighborhood?

Christe eleison

Every life has value! How dare any of us fall asleep in apathy when any life can be struck down in seconds, wiped out for just walking across the street or snuffed out of the womb without a chance of revealing God’s image to the world?

Kyrei eleison

Death and violence too often run zig-zag in the community. This is unacceptable! The mission of the National Black Catholic Apostolate is to pray, proclaim and stand boldly for an end of abortion, all acts of violence, evil and injustice that destroy the sacredness of life. This is a constant and ongoing mission. However in June, let’s heat up our efforts by

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