Invasion, occupation a disaster for Iraqis

It is always surprising to hear there are still people defending our invasion of Iraq and the continued occupation. It is not surprising that the selective use of Scripture is used to defend the invasion and occupation. Scripture is often used whatever the merits of the action or cause being defended. It is fruitless to respond with the select use of Scripture since the real issues tend to get lost in the rhetoric.

The invasion and occupation have been a disaster for the Iraqi people, as many as a million dead, millions forced from their homes, a nation torn apart. To begin the defense of the invasion and occupation (CR, April 10), by contending peace activists “seem to enjoy disturbing the peace” is bitter irony indeed. To that writer and too many others, to ascribe to the peace activists that removing the military presence will result in peace is simply to misread the position of most who propose ending the occupation.

What the peace activists understand, as well as the overwhelming majority, over 70 percent, of the Iraqis is that peace can never come under occupation. When our military leaves, the process of rebuilding Iraqi lives can begin. It will be painful, but it will be possible. Now, it is not.

Finally, ending the occupation should not mean ending our support to the Iraqis to rebuild their country. We owe them that, and a stable Iraq is in our interests, as well.

Catholic Review

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