Inauguration is no cause for celebration

After reading “Catholics to tune in for inauguration” (CR, Jan. 15), I was terribly disappointed to see the support and celebration from area Catholic schools. Some are even closing for the momentous occasion. I can’t believe with all the hoopla for a presidential candidate who won the election and proudly supports abortion on demand, embryonic stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, and in particular the Freedom of Choice Act, which among other things approves of partial birth abortion. Are we on the same page? Isn’t there enough dissension within the Catholic Church? What am I supposed to teach my children? There seems to be an ongoing deterioration, and I’m quite sure that articles such as this one lend to that.

I read a letter included in our Sunday bulletin at St. Agnes parish by two Catholic bishops from Dallas shortly before the November election. It simply stated that we have a moral obligation as Catholics to steer clear of and not support any candidate who supports the above mentioned issues and subsequent “culture of death” mentality that exists in America today.

Let me conclude by stating that under the circumstances it might have been better just to refrain from any article that seems to lend support to Mr. Obama or anyone else in the political arena with his “pro-choice” credentials. Or at least maybe have mentioned the fact that we need to at least be aware of what he brings to the table.

Catholic Review

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