How Boston Magazine ties it all together

In the media industry, creativity is paramount. Successfully executing/packaging creative thoughts, messages, ideas and stories is what we strive to do.
This week, CRMedia launched a Mother’s Day contest inviting people to nominate a deserving mom in their life to win a bouquet of flowers. To complement our promotional campaign we produced a 30-second video spot. Thirty seconds may not seem like much, but to produce a video of that length required writing copy, collecting photos for B-roll, having our art director design images, recording voice overs, selecting background music and then having our photographer artistically package it together .

That experience is why I have so much appreciation for what Boston Magazine did with its latest issue. The staff at the publication was tremendously affected by what happened in their city and they knew they had a huge challenge ahead of them to completely scrap their existing cover and feature story and replace them with something truly meaningful.
And they did it.
In just three days, staffers came up with the powerful concept of collecting 120 pairs of running shoes worn in the marathon and telling the stories of those runners. Everyone on staff chipped in to solicit shoes, interview all 120 runners and even drive the shoes to New York for a photo shoot. What evolved is moving and inspiring.
Read this blog by the editor to find out how and why they did it. What do you think?

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