Hindu militants storm Catholic school, demand enrollment for children

VATICAN CITY – About 50 Hindu extremists burst into a Catholic school in southern India, demanding enrollment for two children, the Vatican missionary news agency Fides reported.

The episode underscored the “schizophrenia” of Hindu radicals in India, who attack Christians yet recognize the excellent education provided by church-run schools, a local source told Fides July 7.

The incident occurred in Belgaum in southwestern India, at St. Joseph’s Convent School run by Canossian Sisters. The extremists forcibly entered the school premises and threatened and mistreated the sisters and some of the teachers, Fides said. The sisters called the police, who were able to calm the situation.

Guiding the group was a man claiming to be a leading member of a nationalist Hindu party, the Bharatiya Janata Party. He demanded the enrollment of a friend’s two children.

After the incident, the school requested police protection to guarantee the safety of students and staff in coming weeks.

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