Higher authority on pro-life positions

As the election cycle approaches, the pro-abortion Catholics will trot out their own “Apologia Pro Vita Sua” to explain their voting for a pro-abortion candidate. “It’s only one issue,” “I’m not a single-issue voter,” “What about the unjust war in Iraq?” etc. A recent letter compared the taking of pre-born life to the death of soldiers in Iraq to justify his voting for a pro-abortion candidate. True, each life is precious. On the one hand, we have a volunteer soldier encircled in body armor, armed to the teeth and often in the cocoon of a Humvee. On the other hand we have a child encircled by his mother’s womb innocently waiting for time and nourishment to make an entrance into the world, and in a few violent moments that same child’s body parts are being laid out on a table to make sure nothing remains in the child’s mother.

Remember the phrase “as safe as a baby in his mother’s womb”?

I’ve continued to write to and pray for a change in the hearts of our pro-abortion politicians, many of whom call themselves Catholic, and I’ve asked each one if he or she has witnessed an abortion. None has answered that question. Why do our politicians take junkets to far-off lands for a first hand look at issues that supposedly face their jurisdictions, but refuse to sit in on an abortion to see what it is for what it is? I think the answer is obvious. It’s just “politics.” The only judge of their actions is the electorate.

I’m not sure if “THE judge” will buy that argument.

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