Health care decisions should be based on individual need

Many in the hierarchy of the church of North America seem to have a clouded view on the proposals being offered by President Obama and the Democrats in Washington on how best to fix our health care system. On the one hand they advocate universal coverage based on the notion of some social justice need. On the other hand the church demands that any such nationalization respects humane life from conception to natural death. The two positions are not compatible in a government-run single payer system.

Is there any doubt that abortion won’t become a nationally recognized medical procedure? President Obama has openly talked about the need to make better end-of-life decisions. When did the church decide that a large centralized bureaucracy was either necessary or best equipped to determine how a person should end their time in this world? Isn’t that a decision best left up to God? At its heart, Christianity is based on the individual, not the group. It is formed on the basis that all life is sacred because all life was created by God in the image of God. Our country was founded under the principal of “individual liberty.” Making life and health care decisions based on some group need or budget is inherently anti-Christian and anti-American.

Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.