Headline on column about killing off base

I do not agree with the headline of Stephen Kent’s column, “Murder in a church on Pentecost sacrilegious” (CR, June 11). From a Catholic Web site, I learned that a murder in a sacred place is sacrilege. How can a place that permitted an abortionist to hold the office of “deacon” be sacred? If a church is a hospital for sinners I can understand his membership as a patient but not as one of the physicians. To grant him an office is to lie to the Holy Spirit, because he was not a servant of God. Check out Acts 5 for the consequences of lying to the Holy Spirit. Rather than Stephen Kent’s insinuation that Randall Terry speaks for those who do not share Kent’s political views, he should have asked his readers to pray for Dr. Tiller’s soul because the final request in the Lord’s prayer, “deliver us from evil,” can be answered with a “no.”

Catholic Review

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