Government should reduce financial burden for citizens

Regarding Tony Magliano’s column on health care and subsidiarity (CR, Dec. 10), I ask two questions: Is it morally right to take someone’s property and give it to someone else? Is it morally right to accept said stolen property?

If we actually hold true to both what the church teaches and the founding principles of this great country of ours, Catholics should be advocating for the government (community of a higher order) to reduce the financial burden on its citizens (community of a lower order) by cutting taxes and helping foster an economic environment that would allow individuals to exercise their God given free will. Those choices could include the choice to provide health care insurance through employment or the ability to purchase insurance with wages earned through gainful employment. It would also allow us to give glory to God by performing good works and deeds to help those who cannot help themselves. Correct and simple, would you not agree?

This does not address the financially irresponsible management of the current government-run health care (Medicare bankrupt by 2017) and the morally irresponsible advocation of more debt.

Catholic Review

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