God’s team always wins

As I was reading the response from Suzanne Molino Singleton in “Practice makes perfect,” (CR, Dec. 13) who stated that “… no one –and no team – is perfect …” my initial thoughts were, “She is a Godly person. I would want her to be my friend. I would want her children to be my children’s friends.”

Nancy and other coaches like her are helping a lot of children reach their athletic potential and many student athletes are able to attend college due to athletic scholarships. These coaches are fooled into thinking they are doing what is best for the athletes. After all, many would not be able to attend college without a scholarship. But what is the value of a college degree if you don’t have Christian values?

Most children will develop the same attitudes about sports and religion as their parents. We owe it to our children to pass on an attitude that promotes Christian family values. We all need to be committed to our God first, as the sign at St. Francis Xavier reminds us. If teamwork promotes stronger marriages, logic says the reverse holds true about competitiveness.

It is not realistic to expect everyone to come to agreement on this subject, but I’d like to propose an idea that could help reduce some of the tension within families and possibly, with a few miracles, turn the world’s values around. Could there be two leagues – a Christian Family Values League and a Secular League? Athletes could sign up in one league of their choice. Games and practices could occur according to the philosophy of the league. And anyone could join the Christian Family Values League as long as they embrace the philosophy of no exclusion. The secular league might turn out the better athletes, but I ask you, responsible and faith-filled parents, will superior athleticism help your child when he/she is standing before the pearly gates of heaven?

One more thought – if there were a vote to determine which league was more highly favored, which one would you choose? I would want to be on God’s team because He always wins.

Catholic Review

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