God: Trinity or personal savior

I was watching EWTN’s “Journey Home” program last night (July 30, 2007) featuring a panel of three former Pentecostal preachers who had converted to Catholicism. After much praise of Pentecostal individuals and depth of devotion, they went on to present their criticisms.
One called the oft repeated idea of having a “personal” relationship with Jesus, “me-ology.” I thought of Joyce Meyers who I have admired to no end but whose teaching seems to lack something which I now think is due to this exclusive emphasis on “me” and Jesus, and which makes her books kind of a religious self-help theology, wonderfully useful to an individual but an incomplete guide to life.
Another former Pentecostal made the astounding statement that what attracted him to the Catholic Church (besides his study of the holy fathers) was the doctrine of the Trinity! In a beautiful explanation, he described God not simply as Jesus, our one-on-one personal savior, but God as a Trinity of relational love: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Yes, we are called to God through Jesus, but it cannot end with this mere statement of faith in Jesus alone. From this faith foundation, we are called to imitate this love in actions among members of a trinity on earth: God, us, neighbor.

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