God has the only opinion that counts

It has been very interesting to see the responses and reactions to my letter (CR, Nov. 20), as well as others in support of the sanctity of life. Sadly, from too many of the letters, it is clear that there are those who apparently consider themselves to be Catholic, who do not know what the church actually teaches, or God spare us, dismiss it and seem to follow party politics rather than to obey the authority of the church. Many issues were distorted in an attempt to justify support for the culture of death, which now has a prominent face in the person of the president-elect as well as all of his appointments who will pollute policy and the courts for generations to come.

The sanctity of life is the foundational issue and trumps all other issues. It is an objective truth that is not subject to the times, whims or personal opinions of any individual. The only opinion that counts is God’s, and he is not an uninterested spectator in what we do here with the life that he has given to us, a life for which we will be held accountable to him and the millions of innocents who have perished on our watch.

Catholic Review

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