Getting an Answer on FOCA

I sent the following e-mail message to Sen. Mikulski on Nov. 13 using her Web site: “If the article (CR, Nov. 13) is accurate, the Freedom of Choice Act would prohibit medical providers from refusing to provide morally offensive services related to abortion. As you know many people believe abortion destroys life in the womb. Whatever your own personal beliefs are with regard to life in the womb, it seems completely incomprehensible to legislate that doctors, nurses and hospitals would be required to assist in a procedure they find so repulsive. If The Catholic Review article is misleading I’d like to hear the rebuttal arguments.”

Since I did not get a reply to my message I sent a follow-up on Dec. 19, specifically requesting her view on the FOCA. I am particularly interested in knowing if she will again be a co-sponsor of this legislation when it is reintroduced in the current 111th Congress and what her rationale would be for championing this legislation – particularly the part that would seemingly prohibit health care personnel and institutions from refusing to participate in performing abortions.

Her Web site promises a reply to her Maryland constituents but I have now waited 60 days and have not heard from her. Maybe other readers, or The Catholic Review, will have better luck getting the senator to share her intentions and rationale with respect to the contents of the FOCA legislation.

Catholic Review

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