Focus on environmental facts, not creating fear

Up until the 21st Century, global warming was a cyclic thing resulting mostly from cosmic changes out of human control. There was a time for warming and a time for cooling. Now, according to Tony Magliano’s sources (CR, Nov 15), all of a sudden we are in a warming spiral that humans have caused and need to reverse.

My problem is that I do not totally trust politicians and scientists that join forces in a hyped up movie based on a little scientific fact and a lot of personal agenda. Creating fear is typically how unscrupulous people manipulate the innocent. Given that there is some global warming, what we have beyond that scientific fact is only speculation as to cause, concern and counteraction.

As Christians we should be charitable and good stewards of our resources. Beyond that I think we might have a case of Chicken Little telling us the sky is falling.

Catholic Review

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