Father Breighner column resonates

I have read and re-read Father Breighner’s heart warming article (CR, May 21, 2010) entitled “Focus on the good in life, not the evil.” It was a well-written story about two women who did nothing but good for others.

I write because I knew Mary McGuirk’s husband from a business encounter, and after my experience, one can well understand how he must have complemented his wife in doing so much good.

Bill McGuirk was formerly chief executive officer of a fine Baltimore bank, Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust. He was the type of executive one would be proud to have met. Anyone was welcomed in his executive suite at the bank and you were always treated with dignity. His demeanor and body language were just a couple of traits which revealed his patience and humility in dealing with others. He and his wife were two good people that you just don’t meet every day in these times.

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