Draft did not serve pope’s goals

St. Matthew broaches ‘coming out’ ” troubled me. St. Matthew, a tax collector, would have realized something did not add up. The article’s impetus was the recently concluded synod with its misleading draft midterm report (pre-decisional, in bureaucratese). The final document’s computerized translation appeared professional compared to the draft’s insubstantial tone. It did not serve the pope’s goals.
Pope Francis wants to combat corruption, a level of sinfulness where the sinner is so immersed in sin that it’s not acknowledged, while at the same time making sinners realize that they are really loved. Some of those cited in the ‘coming out’ article as well as the midterm draft shared the wrong “will not serve” answer toward the church’s position on same-sex unions. A majority of the bishops at the synod voted for traditional marriage.
John Meinhardt

Catholic Review

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