Don’t confuse truth with political correctness

The recent article, “Christian leaders call for change in Iraq war policies,” (CR, March 1) urging Maryland Christians to “travel to Washington March 16 and surround the White House” to protest Bush’s “immoral Iraq war policies” is amazingly ill-informed and politically charged. The 13 religious leaders from various Christian faiths, including our own urban vicar, Bishop Denis J. Madden, argue that “President Bush’s goal of keeping terrorist activity out of that country (Iraq) backfired and instead created a haven for violent radical groups.” Apparently it is irrelevant that Bush’s “immoral war,” authorized by the United Nations Security Council and our own U.S. government, was and remains directed toward the defeat of terrorists wherever they pursue their evil agenda. Was the elimination of a ruthless dictator “immoral?” Was the struggle to establish a democratic government in Iraq a “morally corrupt” enterprise? Will abandoning the people of Iraq result in the end of terrorism and the establishment of peace in the region?

Rather than characterizing the president as immoral, Bishop Madden brings some sanity to the issues by pleading, “May this day and march that is to follow be enlightened by the great splendor of truth.” Good point. But truth is demanding and not to be confused with political correctness and the prevailing media hype.

Catholic Review

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