Don’t be hoodwinked by venomous writers

I can’t ever recall reading letters (CR, Nov. 20) filled with such venom. President-elect Obama was accused of being a Marxist and prayers were called for his failure. Where was the outrage when President George W. Bush invaded Iraq without provocation and began a war that has taken over 800,000 lives, many of them innocent women, children and elderly? Over 4,000 of our own American soldiers have lost their lives, and many times that number are forever maimed, both physically and psychologically. Sen. John McCain wanted not only to continue this war but possibly to extend it into Iran and Syria for years on end. Where was the outrage when the U.S. began a program of torture?

My faith has taught me that all life is sacred. The right to life doesn’t stop with birth.

Every four years, the Republicans trot out the anti-abortion/right-to-life mantra and hoodwink the Catholic bishops into giving them full support. As soon as the election is complete, the matter is forgotten by the politicians, and nothing is done.

Catholic Review

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