Upcoming Events

Mass with Archbishop William Lori, Fr. Michael Depcik, and the Deaf Community

Archbishop William Lori will celebrate Mass with the Deaf Community on Sunday, June 24 at 10:00 am at the St. Ignatius Country Church.

Fr. Michael Depcik will concelebrate the Mass with the Archbishop.

The Country Church is located on Urbana Church Road in Urbana/Ijamsville (this may show up as Frederick on your GPS). The Country Church is across the street from the Exxon and Dynamic Automotive.

A pot luck social with Archbishop Lori and Fr. Depcik will follow the Mass at the Social Hall at St. Ignatius Church on Prices Distillery Road, Ijamsville.

So, please plan to bring something to eat based on the groupings of last names below. Because of the heat, please do not bring dishes with mayonnaise . Keep cold dishes on ice.

If your last name begins with A-C please bring a main dish.

If your last name begins with D-G please bring a side dish.

If your last name begins with H-L please bring drinks.

If your last name begins with M-R please bring a dessert.

If your last name begins with S-Z please bring a main dish.

The Country Church is small. We cannot predict how many people are coming to this Mass. There is limited seating. So please arrive early. We want to fill the church!

Please note that there is no bathroom or running water at the church (it’s very old!). You can use the rest room at the Exxon across the street.


The schedule for Fr. Mike Depcik to celebrate Mass in ASL in the fall has not been determined. Check back on this page for details when specific dates have been confirmed.