Crossing the Desert

Although Dr. Robert J. Wicks thinks his book “Riding the Dragon” is the most helpful, his latest title, “Crossing the Desert,” is his best written.

“Crossing the Desert: Learning to Let Go, See Clearly, and Live Simply” is a spiritual growth book that addresses an emotion many humans experience at some point in their life, feeling lost in the desert of life, under great stress or in spiritual desolation, according to Dr. Wicks, a professor at Loyola College in Maryland, Baltimore.

The book offers guidance for readers “to discover a more authentic sense of self and to let go of what impedes your true happiness and growth,” reads the back cover teaser. The author makes the constant correlation between the “deserts of life” and the deserts in which fourth-century desert monks lived.

“The desert fathers and mothers have long been an inspiration to Catholics on deepening their faith,” said Dr. Wicks. He uses their wisdom to guide readers toward humility and freedom, presenting them with four questions that can lead them to take three steps to inner freedom; questions and steps he said all of us must encounter in the spiritual life.

“They are addressed from the vantage point of contemporary and classic desert wisdom which I think can be helpful to those seeking a fuller inner life,” said Dr. Wicks. “Letting go and desert wisdom are both compelling topics when we think of the spiritual life.”

His new title had a first printing of 15,000 and he said, “The book is off to a great start; a wonderful Publisher’s Weekly review and a review by Rolheiser (Father Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I., speaker, columnist, and author) will help.”

The professor, psychologist and author of more than 40 books for both professionals and the public, is an expert in the prevention of secondary stress (the pressures encountered in reaching out to others) and the integration of psychology and spirituality from a world religion perspective.

His next book, slated for completion within a year, covers the topic of mindfulness and sadness. Dr. Wicks holds a doctorate in psychology.

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